About Latin Breeze

Through the efforts of DJ Martha and Jimmie Blount Latin music is being introduced to our Senior and Assistant Living Facilities.  What makes this couple unique is the smooth beats  of the music they play which is seldom heard in these residences.  DJ Martha is not your ordinary DJ who sits behind the turntables and spins music.  She interacts  with her audience and encourages them to dance and sing .  Whether a person is confined to a wheelchair or not, when Latin Breeze performs,  there's an energy so vibrant that's sent out to their audience; they can't help from dancing or moving in their chairs. 

     Jimmie Blount  is a 26- year retired Navy musician who is recognized as one of Tampa Bay's finest trombone players.  Because of their respect for  our veterans, Jimmie always plays  all the military theme songs which uplifts spirits of those who served proudly in the Armed forces. 

     DJ Martha and Jimmie add something special for our seniors by playing up-to-date Latin music and providing basic dance lessons to those who are interested.   They play salsa, merengue, and the latest dance called bachata  which is very popular.  Many seniors have never heard or experienced this music genre but when they do hear it, they react to it in a positive way.  One would not imagine visiting a senior  facility and hearing the music of Shakira or Pitbull or the sounds of tropical Latin music; more importantly the joy it brings to the residents as well as those visiting is undeniable. This is what Latin Breeze prides itself on - the faces of these individuals- their smiles, their laughter, and all around lifted spirits.

      If you want a change in your facility and want to see uplifting, soul touching music, try Latin Breeze they definitely will make a difference.